RVL Media is a production group founded by producer David Rosier in 2019. It includes Decia Films, Foehn Films and Capstan Films Services.


In a fast-changing world, instantaneity and immediacy regulate our relationship to time. That is why RVL Media believes in the power of story. A story that reveals a different point of view, that sweeps us up, that makes us wonder, that can change the way we interact with the world, that connects us to others. Therefore, humanity is at the core of our approach, as an endless source of inspiration. The talents we meet, the ones we work with, the ones we stage, but above all the audiences who receive our films.
Our goal is to produce films and audiovisual contents that unveil stories of the contemporary world, thus creating new film languages. And we are committed to doing so while aiming for better respect for the environment, parity and responsibility. Whether for the cinema or a brand in search for meaning.

DECIA is the group’s first production company, founded  in 2011. It has produced two feature films : The Salt of the Earth (2014) and Pope Francis: A Man of His Word (2018)drected by Wim Wenders. Decia is committed to projects uncovering powerful stories, that inquire into mankind and the world we live in.

FOEHN is a new production agency, representing both established and emerging talents. From story-telling to story-making, Foehn is creative and precise, always working in the service of meaning and its clients’ expectations.

CAPSTAN, as a production services company, covers all the needs of foreign companies shooting in France : in Paris, but also original French regions, underused as filming locations. Rigorous and internationally focused, Capstan is the trusted partner for international productions in France.

The RVL Media Group has a strong commitment to the environment and community engagement. We believe that any industry has an accountability and duties in regard to its activity. Our involvement in eco-production has led us to sign up the Ecoprod Chart.

37 rue de charonne
75011 Paris
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